What is MOCO Protocol?

MOCO (or Multi-faceted Optimal Cellular Oxygenation) protocol is a comprehensive approach to enable cells to receive and utilize oxygen.

Why does cellular oxygenation matter?

Poor cellular oxygenation has been linked to everything from chronic pain to cancer (Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, Dr. Otto Warburg).  In essence “bad” cells thrive in an oxygen deficient atmosphere, while healthy cells require optimized oxygen utilization to function their best.  Dr. Parris M. Kidd said “Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system,” and while appears to be true, it does not seem that the importance of cellular oxygenation is limited to any one functional system, but rather systemic wellness as a whole.

What will I experience in a MOCO Protocol appointment?

A typical MOCO Protocol appointment will last 45-55 minutes and utilize cutting edge equipment in two phases. The first phase will be more passive and will typically include an infrared sauna (different equipment may be utilized in any phase based on your contraindications), while the second phase will be active including movement and intermittent hypoxic/hyperoxic training.

What should I wear for a MOCO appointment?

It is recommended that clients wear athletic clothing such as shorts, and sports bras as one component of the protocol (photobiomodulation) is only effective directly on tissues that are reached by the light.

What is neuro-centric training?

As the name suggests, it is training targeted at the brain and central nervous system where all sensation eventually lands. This approach allows us to achieve pain free movement and increase performance whether they are inhibited in the input, interpretation, or output cycle.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Please call 833-568-7474 ext #3


What is IBAL?

Ion Biotechnology Aaueous Ligands (IBAL) are highly effective ionophoric delivery system which bypasses the digestive tract to increase the bioavailability of nutrients within your body. IBAL will keep healthy cells healthy and kills abnormal cells such as cancer cells.
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